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Ready to snap out of autopilot? Overcome those bullshit limiting beliefs? Craft a life that feels free, expansive and oh-so-good?

Are you sick of saying yes to things when you really mean no? Putting yourself second and other people first? Focusing on what you perceive other people think of you? 

Do you know your never ending to do list is stopping you from living in the present moment and making life seem so damn hard? 

Are you wanting to let go of the people pleasing, listening to your inner Regina George and empower yourself with confident decision making?

Ready to take conscious control of your life, create unstoppable self-belief and step outside your comfort zone knowing that you’ve got this?

Amazing! I’m your girl!

A huge hello to you! I’m Lee, and I completely understand where you’re at right now. I’ve been there. I’ve been overworked and overwhelmed by my never ending to-do list, worried about other people’s perceptions of me, constantly people pleasing and listening to my inner Regina George, believing I was unworthy and not good enough.

I submerged a part of myself for a long time covering up my authentic self with a mask as this corporate working woman who had her shit together but really was drowning in the achievement based shaky foundations that left me depleted. I hit rock bottom and realised enough was enough, I didn’t want to feel like this any longer. So, I started taking control of my life instead of letting others or my perception of what I thought other people thought of me take over.

I made time for self care, learnt how to meditate, started a creative outlet. I learnt how to take care of myself, to believe in my abilities, to find my purpose in life and embrace what made me ME. I stepped outside my comfort zone and adopted self belief like I never had before in my life. I learned to trust myself and create a life that feels free, expansive and right to me.

And this is more than possible for you too. You don’t have to be drowning in your to do list, doing the same thing day after day on repeat. You don’t have to please everyone else, you don’t have to let fear run the show, and you don’t have to stay hidden and live by other people’s expectations. You are allowed to live a free, purposeful and expansive life.

I’m here to help you create this.

Together we can create unshakable belief in you and your abilities.

You can be confident in your decisions and have the courage to make them without fear taking the wheel.

You can believe that you are worthy of everything you desire and truly know you are worthy just by being you.

You can stop second guessing yourself and focusing on “what they think” and saying yes when you really mean no.

You can see the world through a glass half full lens.

You can craft a life that is your own, free of other people’s opinions and show up for yourself wholeheartedly.

Do you want to rise up with inner confidence, unshakable self belief and know that you are truly worthy, worthy of a life that feels oh-so good?

Book yourself a FREE Clarity Call, where we can have a chat and see if we are the right fit to work together and discover what you most want to achieve!

You are the perfect coaching client for me if…

  • You know you need to stop listening to your inner Regina George on repeat 
  • You want to stop second guessing yourself and be confident in your decisions 
  • You’re ready to stop living in fear, fear of failure, rejection and feeling never quite good enough 
  • You’re tired of the self sabotaging, perfectionist thinking and procrastination 
  • You know life is supposed to feel freer, exciting, positive and not just “the same old same old” 
  • You’re over listening to other people’s opinions about yourself and your life 
  • You want to see life through a glass half full lens 
  • You’re ready to take action, to show up openly and honestly and craft the life that feels oh-so good to you  
  • You know it’s time to love yourself, believe in your worth, own what you bring to this world and show up for yourself like a best friend 
  • You’re tired of your overwhelming to do list and believing life is oh so hard
  • You have dreams and goals you want to bring into reality and you’re struggling to create momentum
  • You’re ready to gain clarity on your life and where you’re going

I am currently half way through my life coaching course with Lee-Ann and it is going awesome! I always look forward to our sessions and I have already noticed such a change in my life thanks to her! We set tangible goals each session and it has been amazing seeing myself improve over the past couple of months. Can’t wait to continue on this journey with her!

Sophie Couper

Join me for a transformational 3 month coaching series that includes:


This can be a ground-breaking exercise. You can learn so much about yourself, your strengths, hearts desires and more from filling in the questionaire! This will help you and me to understand what areas of your life you are wanting to create change in and what you most want to achieve over the next 3 months.


I know it can be super scary to make the decision to work with a coach! This 30 minute Clarity Call is all about answering your burning questions, to gain clarity on the exciting changes you want to make as well as to see if we’re a good fit for coaching!


This is a jam packed call where we dive into your intentions for the next 3 months, gain clarity on your path as well as create some incredible goals for you through my tried and tested goal setting process. Your goals are going to be super juicy and will underpin our work together over the series.


Every fortnight for the next 3 months we will jump on a Skype call. These coaching calls are powerful, transformational, supportive, challenging and oh-so expansive. 

The coaching calls are held on Skype meaning you can be anywhere in the world 🙂


I am here to support you 100% of the way. You will have access to me in between sessions via Voxer for extra support to talk through struggles, resistance, blocks, action steps, insights and a confidence boost when you need it. This is an incredible service to take advantage of as you can make massive progress in between our coaching calls from this extra assistance.



Fear. We all wrestle with the ‘F’ word from time to time in life! Let’s bust through your fear together. It’s time to show up for yourself and embrace this life you know you deserve. You’ve got this and I’m right here with you for the journey!

My promise to you: 

I will be your biggest hype girl, helping you see what is possible for yourself. 

I will be right there with you, in the passenger seat while you take the wheel of that life you desire. 

I will lovingly support you through any blocks, challenges and obstacles helping empower you to tap into your courage, and your power, helping you see, believe and know that you’ve got this. 

I’ll see through the lines and what you might not be able to see just yet. I’ll reflect back to you for your brilliance. Knowing full well you have the answers but helping you see this in yourself.


What can life coaching really do for me?

Life coaching is about assisting you in creating a plan that helps you actively move towards a change you desire. It is ultimately about supporting you to live your best life. It’s more than just keeping you accountable. I can help guide you, create a space free of judgement, help you release what is keeping you stuck and empower you move forward with ease. 

Will this just be like counselling? 

Counselling is different to life coaching. Counselling focuses heavily on the past and helping someone heal with things such as past wounds, unhelpful thoughts and behaviours. Counselling delves deep into why a person is where they are at this present time. Whereas, life coaching is goal oriented and focuses on the present and future.

When can I book in for sessions?

I’m currently taking bookings Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursdays. Most of my availability is before 8.30am or after 6pm NZ time. If none of these times suit you, we can have a chat to see if we can make something work with your schedule and timezone 🙂

Do you offer refunds? 

No refunds are provided.

Any questions? 

Feel free to send me a DM on Instagram @befreewithlee

Or send me an email:

Spending money on yourself for your personal development and growth is one of the best things you can do. Think of this as a loving school for your mind and soul.

Book yourself a FREE Clarity Call, where we can have a chat and see if we are the right fit to work together and discover what you most want to achieve from coaching!

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