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Hey beautiful soul! Welcome to this affirmation section.

Saying affirmations daily and actually trying your best to believe them is one of the most powerful practises to changing your thinking and stepping into your divine power where anything is possible. Affirmations have been one of my favourite tools in changing my bullshit thinking patterns.

In the beginning, saying them may sound like a lie so one tip is before you state the affirmation put the words “I’m in the process of believing” or something similar. That way your brain is more likely to accept them as truth!

Outlined below are a few of my favourite affirmations for up-levelling my life. You might like to add these to your daily affirmation list!

My success is inevitable and I am always on the right path

I am comfortable being uncomfortable

Today is filled with endless opportunities

This is earth school and I am here to learn

The best is yet to come

It is possible

I am aligned with the energy of abundance

Life is happening for me not to me

Only good things come my way and I’ll figure it out as I go along

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