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Hey! Welcome! 

I’m Lee-Ann (Lee for short) and I used to let my chaotic brain run the show. Now, not so much! But I’m thankful for her showing up and all she has taught me because it has led me to where I am right now. A place where I get to support and inspire women to step into their divine power, create an unfuckwithable mindset, and live a life with LESS struggle + MORE purpose.

*If you are here because you were expecting a travel blog and are wondering what the f*ck is going on don’t worry… I’ve had a rebrand! The travel blog is still active and I have heaps of great articles for you to explore. Simply head over to the travel section under the blog menu and browse away! But also stick around and browse the other sections of the blog as Befreewithlee has evolved! Read the story about why I rebranded here. *

A few nuggets of info about me! 

  • I’m a big lover of the outdoors, I truly believe being in the outdoors connects me to my higher self. Whether it’s mountain biking, trail running, skiing, or walking the dog being outdoors is home.

  • Born and raised in Timaru, New Zealand

  • I used to let my mind spiral down into a deep dark cave but now I can bring myself back from the depths and not let myself go down that far in the first place!

  • I drink an unnecessary amount of tea per day (Like 5+ cups)

  • I rely waaaaay too much on autocorrect

  • I am always enrolled in a course – At the moment it’s astrology, who knows what’s next!

  • I add chili to everything

  • Dogs are my life – I have a pug and (very soon) a border collie!

  • I’m very sensitive to energy and pick up on negative vibes as soon as I walk into a room!

I’ve got to be honest with you… I haven’t always felt this expansive. 

I’ve ignored my inner voice for a very VERY long time.

It was different when I was a little girl. I always challenged the norms, not deliberately but because it felt right. Things such as running away to chase a dog to the beach when I was 5 and bunking class in primary school to go and play in the trees were normal for me. I couldn’t ignore my desires and innate need for freedom.

But eventually, I did. I ignored my inner voice and tried to conform to live a ‘normal’ life.

This normal life went into stressful jobs, living on autopilot and never truly stopping to smell the roses.

It wasn’t long into my adult life when I suffered from depression, anxiety, and panic attacks. It began at university when I was studying Criminal Justice. It seemed my body knew a long time before my mind that it was not my path.

But I ignored those nudges. Graduated. Got my first ‘real’ job in a courthouse and soon after starting was diagnosed with depression.

For the first few months of my job I either spent nights under the duvet crying or keeping my mind and body busy with intense workouts 3 times a day. I did anything to ignore how I was really feeling.

But then I found meditation.

I can’t remember exactly how I stumbled upon the app Calm. It was probably when I started googling things like ‘how to overcome depression.’ My counsellor at university had taught me how to meditate in a couple of sessions to overcome my panic attacks so I was willing to give it a go.

And the practice literally changed my life.

I would spend my breaks in the gardens next to the courthouse going through a guided meditation. And again when I got home. Eventually, I noticed space between my reoccurring thoughts and found they weren’t in control 100% of the time. I gained some of my power back and the internal fire I had for freedom.

I was looking for a way out of this ‘normal’ life and the 9-5. One day while scrolling through Facebook I saw an ad from World Nate and Intrepid Introvert (Travel bloggers from NZ). It stated something along the lines of ‘start a blog and leave the 9-5 behind’ I didn’t know anything about blogging but I definitely wanted to leave the 9-5 behind.

That’s when Befreewithlee was born. It started out as a creative outlet for me with the hope that one day it would lead me to escape the 9-5. I started writing about what was bringing me the greatest freedom and joy in life and helping with my depression which was meditation, being outside, and travelling. Eventually, I narrowed my focus down to travel after I left my courthouse job for days spent working at the base of the Abel Tasman National park in tourism.

Starting a travel blog and working in tourism led me to be inspired to travel my country in a van. *read my story on Young Adventuress about why I traveled my home before I went overseas here.

I was free. Travelling around New Zealand, exploring and taking each day as it came. If it wasn’t for discovering meditation I would probably still be depressed and at the courthouse. Practicing meditation literally changed the trajectory of my life.

But living in a van could only last so long. I finished my trip and got another ‘normal job.’ And guess what? it wasn’t long into this normal job that my internal struggle popped back up. I felt depressed. Restricted. My freedom was gone.

I was still practicing meditation and had learned a lot of techniques and delved into a bit of inner work throughout the years so I wouldn’t let my thoughts spiral out of control. As soon as the depressed feelings started to creep in I changed my trajectory again. I quit, and started studying (again). This time something more aligned with my purpose.

Creative writing! I loved it!

It was during studying that I had time to pause. Obviously studying is hectic but I did have some control over how I was spending my day and when I chose to study. This space led me to daydream and let my thoughts wander. This time in a good way. Pondering life’s big questions like do aliens exist, why are we here, and that sort of thing. I always knew there was more to this existence.

*Side note- I had always pondered these questions ever since I was 17 and when I was 22 this actually led me to read the bible and become indoctrinated into a cult which I thankfully woke up from – I then became a full blown atheist – more on that another day.

It was during searching for answers to these big life questions (that my search so far had not been able to satisfy) that I discovered some of the most incredible and influential teachers I could have ever dreamed of. Kathrin Zenkina from Manifestation Babe and Sahara Rose.

It wasn’t until I started delving into their teachings and listening to hypnosis in particular that my true desires were unleashed.

I got the courage to grab life by the balls. And let go of things in my life that were not in alignment with my higher purpose. This included a number of things but most dramatically breaking up with my partner of 10 years and finally gaining the courage to come off my antidepressants.

Kathrin helped me to uplevel my mindset and step into my divine power. Sahara led me to discover my soul’s purpose. And funny that my soul’s purpose at this time is to teach about mindset and finding your purpose!!!

I’m now a full blown mindset nerd, writing for a living and constantly learning, developing my skills, and shifting my vibration. There are so many wonderful beings out there living their light and I’m so excited to finally be working towards living mine! I’m now incredibly thankful for all the shitty times I’ve had and all the inner work I have done (it is never ending) because it has led me to where I am today.

In a place to give back and help you realize your divine power, create an unfuckwithable mindset and live a life with LESS struggle and MORE purpose!

The subjects and information I write and teach about have personally affected me. I am constantly adding things to my toolbox. And I am so excited to share what I have learned with you so you too can realize your power and ultimately your purpose for being on this floating rock at this time.

We all need guides in life (myself included) and I’m here to be yours. You definitely don’t need me but it sure helps to have someone guide you along the way so you are not figuring it all out on your own.

If you would like to delve into all things spiritual, personal development & mindset with me then be sure to follow the blog, catch me on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, and my email list where I share weekly insights with tools and tips to serve you along your mindset and personal development journey. *Click here to grab your free 6 step meditation guide and sign up to be added to the email list.

And lastly, if you’re still interested in the travel blog be sure to check it out under the blog tab in the menu. It’ll be sticking around for a while 🙂

Lee <3

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